Nelson-Lakes, New Zealand
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NSF International (NZ) is an independently operated subsidiary of NSF International. It is the largest global certification provider in the food and farming sector, certifying over 40,000 clients annually across all the major schemes and standards. It is also the number one global certifier of GFSI schemes.

We deliver the most up-to-date range of industry and product-specific certification services. Our services are constantly evolving to match emerging trade and consumer assurance demands for product integrity, safety, welfare, ethical, environmental and organic standards in primary production and food processing.

We have on-the-ground technical teams in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa with sector-specific knowledge and experience and a first-class reputation for thoroughness and consistency. Our extensive teams often prove invaluable to clients in providing technical support and identifying emerging issues.

We are experts in design and development of customised certification schemes for corporate stakeholders and industry bodies.

Assurance: NSF Certification Impartiality Statement

NSF International (NZ) is a leading provider of independent assurance services to the agriculture, produce and processing industries. We specialise in the delivery of individual and combined assessments to a broad range of international, national and client-specific standards. We have a unique perspective on the food supply chain and the ability to address a wide range of issues in a consistent and integrated way.

The NSF International (NZ) directors, managers and staff recognise the importance of ensuring that all activities are carried out with the utmost impartiality and without conflict of interest. Systems are in place to ensure NSF International (NZ) activities are carried out with complete objectivity and cannot be subverted or otherwise influenced. In addition, NSF International (NZ) has an impartiality board consisting of independent individuals with a wide range of expertise and representation in the industry. The board governs the certification activities of NSF and ensures that our activities does not constitute a conflict of interest or impacts negatively on impartiality.