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Mission & Core Values


NSF International is dedicated to being the leading global provider of public health and safety-based risk management solutions. We do this while serving the interests of our stakeholders including the public, the business community and government agencies. Our mission is carried out by over 2,800 global employees who include microbiologists, toxicologists, chemists, engineers, and environmental and public health professionals.

Core Values

At NSF, there are seven core values at the centre of everything we do. These core values are reflected in the way we conduct our business, our research and the relationships with the people and environments we serve.

  • We demand the highest ethics and integrity from our professionals
  • We operate using sound scientific principles
  • We respect and care for each other
  • We promote personal and professional growth
  • We foster innovation and creativity
  • We demonstrate social and environmental responsibility
  • We are committed to winning and being the best