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Peter Burrows

Food Complaints Specialist

Peter Burrows Peter became involved with NSF in 2009, providing advice and investigations following up on customers' complaints. He trained and initially plied his trade as an environmental health officer in Birmingham, England. He escaped the big smoke to work initially in Hutt county and then Gisborne city for 20 years, managing the Council Environmental Health division. Peter has been actively involved in helping to change the culture and behaviours, both within organisations and amongst the general public, by spending many years spearheading waste minimisation change (before it became in vogue), and leading a change to a more inclusive, positive culture in the workplace. When not helping people to be food-safe, Peter enjoys MC-ing, leading church services, improvisation, murder mystery evenings and all things performance and humorous. On a sunny day, you might find him sneaking to the beach for a quick soft serve yoghurt or at the museum café deck for a cappuccino. He might even shout you one if you’re ever in his neck of the woods.