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We take care of food safety while you take care of business Our basic food safety training and more comprehensive food safety programme provide your business with a true advantage in the food industry.

Woman farmer holding box with vegetables

NSF’s services will help you to satisfy the ever-evolving demands of your customers, regulators and consumers. From the smallest artisan producers to the largest global chains, we work within food supply networks to help ensure the compliance, safety and quality of your products and premises.

We believe that compliance and assurance done well can also provide our clients with a competitive advantage. Our out-the-box thinking has helped us provide innovative solutions for many safety and risk management issues, such as:

  • Ingredients
  • Provenance
  • Production processes
  • Welfare and ethical issues
  • Specific claims

Whichever part of the food supply chain you work in — agriculture, manufacturing or retail — NSF can provide the right solutions for your business.