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Second-Party Audits

Ensuring your suppliers are meeting their requirements is crucial to your compliance and bottom line. If internal sourcing is not an option, a second-party audit conducted by NSF may be a solution.

NSF’s global network of auditors perform contractual second-party audits for numerous companies in Oceania and around the world. From examinations of small, family-owned suppliers to complex audits for international supply chains, we’ll help to you identify and address issues before they affect your business.

Why Is a Second-Party Audit Necessary?

A second-party audit occurs when a company performs an audit of a supplier.

This type of audit is often done to ensure that a supplier is meeting certain requirements specified in a contract, such as special control over certain processes, parts usage, etc. A second-party audit helps a company:

  • Find and correct issues before a third-party audit
  • Find and correct issues before they can affect customers
  • Avoid the risk of serious compliance issues and costs

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