Chef is wearing gloves while making a salad in a professional kitchen
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Food Business Start-Up Help After COVID-19

NSF is here ready to help you and your company coming out of COVID-19 and going forward.

We are an international, public health and safety organisation focussed on food safety, open for business and ready to support business.

So if you need help locally, regionally or internationally, contact us now and we will reveal how to achieve the following:

  • Help ensure safety and suitability of food for sale during and after COVID-19
  • Maintain confidence in New Zealand’s food safety regime
  • Provide risk-based measures that minimise and manage risks to public health
  • Provide certainty for your food business in relation to how the requirements of the Food Act will affect your business activities after COVID-19

NSF has a track record of helping businesses from large chains of restaurants to single operator sandwich bars to improve their food hygiene.

We achieve this though consulting, training, policy and systems support.

Our visits or virtual meetings can include coaching and advisory elements that have been proven to consistently achieve target standards.