Novel Coronavirus COVID-19
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Food Safety Advice

NSF International in Oceania is an independent food safety consulting and verification company.

Working in conjunction with the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries as well as international organisations, we are closely monitoring developments around the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many businesses may be struggling to effectively incorporate the information into their busy work schedules. We can help you gain some clarity during these difficult times.

For information and updates about food safety, the 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) status and New Zealand Food Safety’s guidance for food handling, contact us to:

  • Achieve the safety and suitability of food for sale
  • Provide risk-based measures that minimise and manage risks to public health
  • Protect and promote public health
  • Provide certainty for food businesses
  • Assist with food safety training

NSF has a track record of helping businesses from large chains of restaurants to single operator sandwich bars to improve their food hygiene.

We achieve this though consulting, training, policy and systems support.

Our visits can include coaching and advisory elements which have been proven to consistently achieve target standards.