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Become a Mystery Shopper

We are looking for objective, energetic individuals to conduct mystery shops in their area through our Shoppers Anon program. Our mystery shoppers assess store presentation, customer service and sales techniques for some of the largest retailers in New Zealand and Australia.

As a mystery shopper, you will assume the identity of a customer to gather information about a business. After the visit, you will answer a short list of questions relating to the store. This information is then used to provide valuable feedback to the business, so it can improve its customer service procedures.

Application and Training

Once you fill out the mystery shopper application form, we will review your application. If successful, you will begin your training. This detailed instruction covers the step-by-step procedures for every type of mystery shop you may encounter including:

  • Grocery
  • Liquor
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Tourism
  • Fashion
  • Banking
  • Vehicle test drives and servicing
  • Early childhood education centres
  • Online enquiry testing
  • Telephone enquiry testing

Shopper requirements: You must have web access, a valid email address and a dependable form of transportation.

Once your training is complete, we contact you with available assignments which includes the fee, deadline and other requirements.

If you accept the assignment, we send you the appropriate guidelines and questionnaire that must be completed to receive payment.

There is a set fee for each mystery shop and you can pick and choose your own workload. As an independent contractor, you simply submit an invoice each month for the shops you have undertaken to receive payment. Please complete our secure online application form at the link below to get started.