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Mystery Shopping Solutions

Invest in the future of your business by investing in your customers. NSF’s mystery shopping program, Shoppers Anon, reveals what customers really think, helping you improve customer service, increase customer retention rates and grow your business.

Our Shoppers Anon program provides an accurate picture of how people view your business. Our customisable program includes these options:

  • Quantifiable metrics for relevant and targeted performance analysis
  • Mystery shoppers’ unbiased feedback that endorses your customer experience successes whilst detecting problems in service
  • Results-oriented analysis of where you stand amongst your competitors

Our extensive mystery shopper network is made up of reliable shoppers throughout New Zealand, Australia and Oceania.

We keep you involved throughout the process, monitoring customers with discretion and detail. We identify employee training opportunities that:

  • Enhance your strengths
  • Work on weaknesses
  • Raise customer service standards
  • Increase profits

Why Choose Shoppers Anon Services

With so many options for your customers to choose from, the shopping experience becomes one of your most important points of differentiation. Research shows that one unhappy customer tells five other people about a bad shopping experience. Yet only one out of 24 customers directly tells the actual store about a bad transaction, giving you inaccurate data about customer service.

We provide results-oriented analysis from the customer’s point of view. Trusted by major brands, we take a responsive team approach to getting targeted, shopping experience feedback.